Addictions In Modern Society


Coffee is addictive due to caffeine. Widely used in society, coffee has long been easy to overuse. According to research, excessive caffeine can cause anxiety, restlessness, tremors in muscles, irritability, and insomnia.

To remain safe it’s recommended that no more than 5 cups of coffee per day be drunk or 600 milligrams.

Nicotine And Tobacco

Despite increased awareness of the dangers of tobacco, tobacco is still one of the leading contributors to health damage around the world. With over 1.3 billion deaths attributed to tobacco on an annual basis, many are still addicted to the substance.

Per the World Health Organization WHO, smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer in men and women contributing to nearly 80 percent of respiratory illnesses and 22 percent of cardiovascular diseases.

Nicotine is the substance in tobacco that keeps people coming back for more. The tar and toxic gases released when tobacco is burning are what cause the most damage to the body. The only safe zone for tobacco is zero and smoking is not advised.


Had alcohol been invented today, it would almost certainly be illegal.

While alcohol has long been grandfathered into contemporary life, it’s as addictive and deadly as most of the illicit drugs available today. It’s been scientifically proven that alcohol is linked to as many as 60 different diseases including epilepsy, a variety of cancers, motor vehicle accidents, other risky behaviors, and more. The use of alcohol has increased exponentially and is widely abused in society today, which has led to an increase in alcohol addiction counselling.

The safe zone for alcohol is 14 units per week and that use should be spread out over the course of a seven-day period.

Sex Addiction

When most people consider addiction, they don’t think of sexual addiction, yet, it’s quite prevalent.

Thanks to the internet and social media sexual addiction is rampant in today’s society. Just as other substances can be abused, so can sex. Sex addicts use sex to escape from reality, relieve tension and anxiety, fulfill their compulsions, and more. It’s currently estimated that as many as 8 percent of men and 3 percent of women suffer from or are affected in some way by sexual or relationship addiction. Sex becomes a compulsive behavior and is used as a drug, not as an expression of love.

Connected to low self-esteem, addicts develop unhealthy sexual dependencies or hollow encounters of sex or one-night-stands to relieve their anxiety, compulsive behavior, and more. Many sexual addictions start with pornography addiction and move forward from there.

Prescription And Illegal Drugs

There are many legal drugs on the market today such as OxyContin and others that the doctor may prescribe for you. However, many of these are dangerous prescription medications that may launch a person into drug addiction.

Originally prescribed for a medical condition, the body can become dependent on these drugs and the person may not understand that they have become addicted. They aren’t able to stop and thus, a drug dependency is born. It’s created an opioid epidemic and it all started with the need for a short-term pain reliever.

To further complicate the situation, many will begin to steal from others as drug dependency becomes more serious. Many of these people start by stealing drugs from a parent or friend just to try them out. Before they know it they’ve become addicted and are buying drugs on the black market. This is unethical and very dangerous.

The UN has estimated that as many as 185 million worldwide are consuming illegal drugs and the number continues to rise. Zero is the safe zone for these drugs.