Traditional vs Modern Furniture Styles- A Deeper Look!

When it comes to picking furniture, you generally have two options; traditional and modern. Both styles are popular, and the right one all comes down to your personal taste. Generally, modern furniture tends to be minimalist, with simple and sleek lines. Many people, however, come across the term ‘modern furniture’, and instantly think about artistic pieces that aren’t practical for everyday use. However, that could not be further from the truth. In this post, we are going to take a deeper delve at the two with the aim of helping you understand the differences.

Traditional Furniture Style

Essentially, traditional refers to any piece that resembles styles before the 20th century. During this era, furniture was often made of dark, heavy wood and was large and heavy. This style is still prevalent today, particularly in offices and homes found in prehistoric buildings. On the other hand, hotels, and restaurants, often go for the modern style, depending on the mood they wish to portray. Either style has its place in both commercial and residential settings.

If you have a huge house, hotel or restaurant, it is easier to accommodate the traditional style as it consumes a lot of the visual weight. For smaller spaces, however, the large, dark and heavy pieces will only make them appear cramped. This, of course, does not mean you cannot put traditional pieces in a small room, you just have to be picky about the furniture. A strategically placed piece can be an excellent focal point for smaller spaces. To complete the décor, pick smaller things for items, and avoid too many as they will only clutter the space.

Traditional luxury pieces go well in a room with antiques. That is because this style suits the time period of the rest of the items. Of course, you are not constrained, and can boldly combine traditional and modern styles. However, ensure that the look you come up with matches your needs and represents your style. If you are looking to recreate a traditional look with high-quality fabrics and dark wood strains, do not hesitate to reach out! If traditional bespoke British furniture interests you, Sophie Sews offers bespoke curtains and blinds, this style is just perfect for a bespoke look in your home.

Modern Furniture Style

This one essentially refers to styles that came after the 19th century. These furniture pieces usually feature lighter wood tones, newer materials like metal or plastic, and brighter fabrics. This style embraces an urban look of smaller spaces and the suburban aesthetic of single-family homes. Usually, it helps enhance these places by being less visually heavy.

Modern furniture pieces might be less ornate and lighter, but that does not mean you should cram them into a single space. The appeal of modern style is that it does not have to consume so much space and paves way for practical multitasking like additional storage.

Modern style is not just about being edgy but also about being practical. Modern shoeshine stands, for instance, tend to have footrests for the comfort of the customer, and functional drawers to store the shoeshine equipment. Functionality is key when it comes to this style and the possibilities are endless. Our designers use 3D design software to help them make the realization of complex designs. Whether you want a chair, couch, lounge, loveseat, or banquette, we are here to help you bring your dream to life.