Things to Do in Winchester

Winchester, Hampshire’s County town, is among the oldest cities in the UK. This city is popular among students as it has a great university. However, Winchester is not only a good place for students. It is also a place worth visiting as there are many things to do in this city. Today, we are going to talk about the location of this city, its brief history, its sporting culture and also the famous people who come from this city. So, to know more about Winchester and appreciate this city, read on.

Location of Winchester

The city of Winchester sits on the course of the River Itchen. It is found 61 miles South West of London and about 14 miles from Southampton and has an estimated population of 116,800 people. Winchester has great nightlife which is good news for those who like visiting places with great nightlife. In this city, you will find great bars pubs and restaurants that operate at night. Here is a list of 3 places that may be perfect for you regardless of what you are looking after.

The first place we recommend is VODKA Bar & Nightclub, which is among the most popular places for party-goers as it has a lot to offer. VODKA Bar & Nightclub has a fresher’s week and different themed nights. Besides, it is among the places with the best live music and DJ sets. In short, you will get everything you need for a great nightlife in this place. If you need a venue to hire for an organised night, Winchester Bar Services offer a range of different venues to suit your needs.

The Black Bottle is another good place for a nightlife goer to visit especially if you want a typical British pub. Here, you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of a nightclub. Another good thing about the club is that it has friendly staff who will serve your alcohol just the way you like it.

Last but not least is Winchester Club, which is the premier club in Winchester. This club has everything you need to enjoy a good time including a bowling alley, pool table, and poker table. I am sure that you will enjoy what this club has to offer.

Winchester has a rich history and the people here have celebrated their rich history for a very long time. This city has excellent museums like Winchester’s Military Museum and the City Museum Winchester. These museums are accessible to the public and are also affordable.

The city of Winchester also has many cinemas which can be good news for those who want a night out with friends watching films. Everyman Winchester is a great place for you to watch films. It is a mixture of a cinema and a café and a place worth visiting if you want to watch modern or classic films.

There are many things in Winchester that can bring a community together such as the Winchester Festival which has some of the best live music, special guests, topical discussion, and added extras. We highly recommend booking your tickets as soon as you can.

Things to Do With Your Kids in Winchester

Even though the transport services in Winchester are small, they are exceptional. This city runs a Park and Ride service which runs all over it. Stagecoach South provides this service. Bluestar provides further services to serve those who want to travel to other major cities like Southampton.

What About Transport in Winchester?

There are also national coach services that are provided by Megabus and National Express. The Winchester Railway Station is the main train station and it runs trains to London, Southampton, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, and Bournemouth.